The mobility solutions segment offers our customers tax refund services, fleet management products, location-based products and services, and other adjacent services.

After customers are introduced to Eurowag through the payment solutions products, we are then able to cross-sell and up-sell mobility solutions. This allows us to increase retention, extend customer lifetime value and gain access to additional datasets.

The tax refund services can be used by customers in the 27 EU member states, as well as in the UK, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, and North Macedonia, though partial refund of excise duty (ED) is for EU-based customers only.

After finishing their journey, our customers can take advantage of our tax refund services, which relieve the administrative burden and create good customer retention, as it allows them to avoid waiting for refund payments. Our services include tax refund on standard VAT, ED partial refund, pre-financed VAT, and advanced payment of excise duty. The fee structure for each of these is defined by our pricing grid and consists of a percentage of the application and fixed fee for administration (e.g. registration, change of service). We have also introduced various financing options for our customers, such as net invoicing, hybrid financing, and financing on demand.

Having digitised our operations in the tax refund business, we can now use artificial intelligence (AI) to extract data from documents to speed up the refund process, and customers can use our online platform to track the status of their refunds. Digitising our tax refund business allows us to make better use of our data collection and gives us greater insight into our customers. We can then use this information to cross-sell our other services to our customers, creating loyalty and greater lifetime value.

Fleet management services are an addition to Eurowag’s unique range of solutions that provides dispatchers and trucking companies with a better understanding of their trucks. Using our proprietary technology and product suite, customers can check maintenance, fuel consumption, driving time, load, and other metrics, and they have automatic and detailed visibility over trips. This enables them to optimise planning efficiency and increase cost-effectiveness.

  • EVA – our proprietary OBU combines telematics, toll and energy payments, and anti-fraud protection capabilities
  • Driving score and Perfect drive – both products aim to reduce CRT emissions and improve the safety and well-being of drivers, by enabling fleet managers to recognise signs of distracted driving. Perfect Drive also enables commercial vehicle drivers to evaluate their driving style and optimise fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear, which in turn leads to reduced insurance costs
  • Efleet management - the introduction of a single telematics solution for fleets, which combine standard diesel/gas engines, battery-electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids, delivers significant benefits to our customers. Additional metrics such as state of charge, driving range, or battery state of health can be gathered via the OBU with an eMobility licence subscription. Using this data, the dispatcher can assess the charging behaviour of a plug-in hybrid vehicle user or manage home/ company charging, as well as plan trips for electric vehicles

Sygic is our product brand for smart navigation and location-based services.

  • Sygic Professional Navigation for Trucks and Fleets – more than 3,000 fleets and 4 million professional drivers, including truckers, use Sygic’s commercial routing as a part of integrated automotive, telematics, and fleet management solutions globally. With features to assist both dispatchers and drivers, there are several business models of Sygic Professional Navigation to suit the needs of its indirect resellers’ network
  • Road Lords – free-of-charge navigation, communication, and social platform for truck drivers and dispatchers. It includes a GPS navigation app with specialised routing for truck and large vehicles, with energy stations and parking data, information on services, and supplies at any given site. Drivers can share traffic information on their routes that are available to all community users
  • Sygic GPS Navigation App – Sygic GPS Navigation for non-CRT users worldwide continued integrating new subscription-based premium services and features to fulfil the expectations of customers and increase the safety of driving: Wrong-way driver’s warning, improvement of AI-based Traffic Sign Recognition via a smartphone camera, revamp of AR-based Real View Navigation mode, satellite maps, simultaneous usage of phone camera-based features and map navigation running on a car display, or mirroring new features into CarPlay and Android Auto connectivities
  • Sygic GPS EMobility – eMobility customers can locate charging points across Europe and use different charge payment options through the Sygic GPS navigation system

We are always looking for ways to support the well-being and safety of truck drivers, so we also offer several services that enable a streamlined experience:

  • Parking – we offer a network of 330 parking sites across Europe, where customers can pay using our fuel cards
  • Washing – we offer washing and tank-cleaning services at our truck park in the Czech Republic and customers can pay using our fuel cards at acceptance network or partner co-operation sites (1,050 sites across Europe)
  • Truck repairs – we offer truck-repair services at 440 sites across Europe via partner co-operation
  • Freight ferry booking – our customers can book ferries via partners’ portals and use Eurowag payment systems
  • Pre- and post-paid payment card issued by a third party – these can be used for services not related to energy, such as towing, fines, or tyres
  • Roadside assistance – we provide 24-hour roadside assistance
  • ClientFX – we provide cross-border currency exchange services, which allow customers to pay invoices in the currency of their choice
  • Insurance – we connect customers to local insurance plans
  • Eurowag Cash – we connect customers with factoring providers

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