The mobility solutions segment offers our customers Software as a Service solutions, such as fleet management, work time management, transport management, location-based products, navigation apps and tax refund services.

After customers are introduced to Eurowag through the payment solutions products, we are then able to cross-sell and up-sell mobility solutions. This allows us to increase retention, extend customer lifetime value and gain access to additional datasets.

Through our fleet management solutions, dispatchers and drivers gain insight into their vehicles. By monitoring maintenance schedules and tracking fuel usage, driving times, loads and other metrics, they can improve efficiency, which in turn leads to reductions in costs and emissions, thus ensuring an environmentally conscious approach to fleet operations.

We offer work time management through Inelo’s proprietary software, which allows analysis and settlement of drivers’ working time. In 2023, an average of more than 4,200 customers and more than 56,000 drivers used the service monthly, and we held training webinars for transport companies with over 10,000 participants.

Through Inelo’s transport management software, users can plan transportation routes, delivery co-ordination and driver control. Through order acceptance, monitoring delivery, and settlement and reporting, the software streamlines end-to-end order management, and automates all logistics processes.

Through Sygic, we offer smart navigation products, location-based services and mobile navigation apps. The Fuelio app, powered by Sygic’s routing algorithms, shows all fuel stations along the route, accompanied by advanced filtering options. Users can now access detailed information regarding fuel prices at each station along the route, including average prices per country or specific station brands.

Our tax refund services are available to customers in the 27 EU member states, as well as in the UK, Norway, Turkey, Serbia and North Macedonia. The services include tax refund on standard VAT, partial excise duty refund, pre-financed VAT and advanced payment of excise duty.

Case study


Mobility integration powered by Inelo

CRT companies face numerous challenges, from regulatory compliance to lack of efficiency. Through our Inelo acquisition, we can now combine work time management and transport management software in a cohesive support system.

Customer benefits

Streamlined operations

By using all Inelo’s services, fleet owners gain a comprehensive view that allows them to manage their operations seamlessly. They can streamline processes, from regulatory compliance to freight management, which in turn improves overall efficiency

Enhanced regulatory compliance

By relying on work time management for regulatory support, companies can ensure they stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations within the CRT sector. This will reduce the risk of penalties and disputes with authorities

Improved planning and execution

By using the upgraded transport order planner and the transport management navigator’s integration with telematics, companies can optimise routes, monitor vehicle status and automatically update order status

Automated workflows

FireTMS has seen many new features in 2023, including truckMatching for quick vehicle searches, efficient load allocation through the planner and advanced map features. By automating tasks such as route editing, load allocation and order management, companies can reduce manual effort, minimise errors and accelerate the decision-making process

Increased revenue and customer satisfaction

By taking advantage of Inelo’s product offering and integrating all products in their operations, transport companies can see increased revenue opportunities, as they can handle more orders, attract new customers and expand market reach. Features like the Driver mobile application can enhance communication, transparency and collaboration between drivers, which improves service quality and customer loyalty