The mobility solutions segment provides a mix of recurring transactional revenue, recurring subscription, and other fee-based revenue streams. Through mobility, we offer customers tax refund services, telematics products, smart routing, and other adjacent services.

After customers are introduced to Eurowag through the payment solutions products, we are then able to cross-sell and up-sell mobility solutions. This allows us to increase retention, extend customer lifetime value and gain access to additional datasets.

We offer tax refund services on standard VAT, excise duty (ED) partial refund, pre-financed VAT, and advanced payment of excise duty (APED). For each of these, we retain a percentage of the total value processed and charge a fixed fee for administration of the service. The tax refund services can be used by customers in the 27 EU member states, as well as in the UK, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, and North Macedonia, though partial refund of ED is for EU-based customers only.

These services offer customers significant cash flow improvements and an efficient process to recover their taxes. We digitise all documents, and now use AI to extract data from documents the customer provides to speed up the refunds process. Customers can use our online platform to track the status of their refunds.

By combining advanced electronic software and engineering solutions, our telematics products allow customers to track various fleet operating metrics in real time. Using an OBU that collects data we process and report on, customers can track fuel consumption, truck idle time, driving time and carriage load, among other metrics, to optimise planning efficiency and increase cost-effectiveness. Customers pay fees for an OBU for stand-alone telematics services, and a subscription fee for our fleet management software for tracking and monitoring.

Customers can benefit from using a single telematics solution with fleets that combine standard diesel/gas engines, battery-electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids. With an eMobility licence subscription, the OBU can read additional metrics such as state of charge, driving range, or battery state of health. With this data available, the dispatcher can plan a trip for the electric vehicle, manage home/company charging, or assess the charging behaviour of a plug-in hybrid vehicle user.

We offer smart navigation and location-based services through our Sygic brand products.

Sygic Professional Navigation for Trucks and Fleets

Provides commercial routing with premium-quality maps for individual truck drivers, as well as for fleets as a part of integrated automotive, telematics and fleet management solutions. Dispatchers can navigate their drivers remotely to a single destination, a series of stops or on an exact route. Dispatchers can set the vehicle’s dimensions and road attributes to plan routes in advance and alter an existing itinerary at any time, remotely. Drivers can see the entire route with estimated time of arrivals for each stop. Sygic Professional Navigation offers various business models to suit the needs of its indirect resellers network.

Sygic GPS Navigation app

Provides subscription-based GPS navigation for millions of non-CRT users worldwide, with high-quality 3D maps, up-to-date information on energy prices and stations, speed limit and speed camera warnings, real-time traffic information, voice navigation and lane guidance. Customers can also buy add-on features. It offers the first-ever real-time traffic-light countdown to be commercially available, which was awarded a CES 2020 Innovation Award.

Sygic GPS eMobility

We also provide charge payment options for eMobility customers through Sygic GPS Navigation for consumers. Through its GPS Navigation app, we offer EV mode with search of charging points, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles onboarding, and routing for more than 360,000 charging points across Europe with online data and payment possibilities (via in-app or RFID card) at approximately 225,000 of these.


RoadLords is our free-of-charge, community-based trucking ecosystem. It includes a portal for dispatchers and a truck navigation GPS app for Android users, providing specialised routes for trucks and other large vehicles, as well as a social platform. Advanced features include energy station and parking data, including what services and supplies are available at any given site. Users can enter the attributes of their trucks and receive customised route recommendations. The social platform enables drivers to find transport information from other drivers and supports the truck-driving community.

We also offer a variety of solutions to address customer needs at every point in their operations, charging fees or receiving commission, including the following:

  • Eurowag MasterCard – our pre-paid or post-paid payment card that customers can use for non-energy-related transactions such as tires, towing and fines.
  • Roadside Assistance – 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • ClientFX – our cross-border currency exchange services, for customers to pay for their invoices in the currency of their choice.
  • Insurance – through brokerage partnerships, we connect customers to tailor-made local insurance plans by country.
  • Factoring – through brokerage partnerships, we provide a factoring solution for financial restructuring.
  • Parking – we offer a network of 230 safe parking sites across Europe that are easy to find. Customers can pay using our fuel cards.
  • Washing – we offer washing and tank-cleaning services at our truck park in the Czech Republic and at acceptance network or partner cooperation, altogether at 890 sites across Europe. Customers can pay using our fuel cards.
  • Truck repairs – we have offered truck-repair services since December 2021 at 390 sites across Europe via partner cooperation.
  • Administrative support and freight ferry booking – we provide these through brokerage partnerships to support the intermodal nature of international freight and logistics.

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