Martin Vohánka

Our vision is to democratise the on-road mobility industry through a technological revolution.

Martin Vohánka
CEO and Founder

Who we are

We connect business owners, drivers, dispatchers, and accountants with merchants in the fuel and alternative energy networks, toll authorities, and other roadside and mobility service providers.

Our leadership


Our purpose

To create sustainable financial and technological solutions that will benefit our industry, society, and the environment.


Our strategy

What we do

We use our proprietary technology to enhance the performance of commercial road transport operators. We provide a range of integrated services, which include energy and toll payments, tax refunds, telematics, e-fleet management, location-products and services, smart routing and other adjacent services (such as parking, washing, truck repairs, freight ferry booking, pre- and post-paid payment cards issued by third parties, roadside assistance and others).

We aim to be at the forefront of driving digital adoption, by helping businesses run more efficiently, make data-driven decisions and preparing them for a low-carbon future. We are also looking to facilitate the shift to lower-carbon alternative fuels, such as hydrogen and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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