The payment solutions segment represents the largest part of our business and it includes secure means of energy payments through pre- or post-paid fuel cards and toll payments. This is usually the first introduction our customers have to our services.

As of the end of 2023, we serve approximately 93,882 active payment solutions trucks and process approximately 37.4 million payment solutions transactions.

We also offer mobile payments or alternative authorisation methods, such as bring your own device.

In addition to our closed-loop payment means (fuel cards), we also encourage customers to use our open-loop Eurowag Mastercard card. This allows us to provide liquidity solutions tailor-made for each customer.

We resell traditional and alternative fuel across Europe through our Eurowag fuel card, which also allows our customers to pay for tolls and roadside services. At the end of 2023, we had a total of around 13,000 stations across 25 European countries. As we continue to focus on supporting our customers in the transition to alternative fuels, at the end of 2023 we had a total of 387 liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) stations, which represents more than half of the European market. Our compressed natural gas (“CNG”) network had 184 stations.

Similar to our energy payment solutions, our toll solution offers our customers the option to pre- or post-pay on European toll road networks. Through our enhanced vehicle assistant (“EVA”) on-board unit (“OBU”), our customers can use one device to navigate EETS, while at the same time taking advantage of our other integrated services, such as fleet management and fraud prevention.

During 2023, we saw an almost four times increase in devices sold, compared to 2022. We have EETS licences in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland and bridges in Sweden and Denmark, and this year we received certification for Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain and Portugal. We continue to apply for EETS licences across Europe, and can provide tolling services in 23 countries and five major tunnels across Europe, and co-operate with 80 partners.

Case study


Creating efficiencies for our customers

Traditionally, fuel has been the main product that brings customers into our ecosystem. Once they sign up, we can analyse their behaviour and suggest other products that are relevant to them, either related to smart routing, toll or tax refund services. Once the customer starts using multiple products, we can create a customer value proposition that allows them to see the benefit of having all their services connected.

Customer benefits

Cost savings

An integrated product package minimises operational costs.

Efficiency gains

Through streamlined processes, such as receiving all invoices from one source and automated processing of invoices, customers save time and effort and can focus on core business activities.

Enhanced security

Through the integrated free fraud protection system in all EVA OBUs, customers are safeguarded against potential financial losses.


Through a simplified billing system and central ecosystem, customers’ administrative burdens are reduced.


Through increasing efficiency in fuel and vehicle utilisation, our customers can save costs and reduce their GHG emissions.