The payment solutions segment usually serves as the first introduction our customers have to our services. We offer secure means of energy payments through pre- or post-paid fuel cards and toll payments.

As of the end of 2022, we serve approximately 88,189 active payment solutions trucks and process approximately 35.2 million payment solutions transactions.

We also offer mobile payments or alternative authorisation methods, such as bring your own device.

In addition to our closed-loop payment means (fuel cards), we also encourage customers to use our open-loop Eurowag Mastercard card. This allows us to provide liquidity solutions tailor-made for each customer.

Our energy payment solutions generate mainly recurring transactional revenue through our network of acceptance points and bunkering sites located on major transportation routes. These offer customers a more efficient way to purchase and finance their energy needs while on the road, offering competitive prices for their energy at accessible locations across Europe, through pre-pay or post-pay fuel cards.

In line with our ESG commitment to facilitate and support the green energy transition in the commercial road transportation (CRT) sector, we are committed to:

  • expanding our alternative energy acceptance points to reach sufficiently large coverage across the EU; 
  • increasing the share of active trucks using alternative energy and driving customer adoption of transitional and cleaner fuels;
  • introducing data insights and advisory solutions to help our customers transition to lower-carbon vehicles and fuels, reduce emissions and improve efficiency; and
  • reducing the carbon intensity of the fuels we sell.

We aim to harness our mobility and payments platform services to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future in the CRT sector.

Each European country has its own tolling system and regulations, making over 135 toll chargers across Europe. Cross-border drivers often need a variety of on-board units (OBUs) and payment solutions. Our toll payment solutions business, similar to energy payment solutions, allows customers to pre-pay or post-pay for their toll payments on European tolled road networks.

European Electronic Tolling Service (EETS)

The EU has increased requirements for European member states to comply with EETS, aiming to create a harmonised EU-wide toll system to simplify the administrative burden and reduce the associated costs.

We have built a proprietary EETS toll payment solution that integrates with our other services, such as telematics, fraud prevention and fuel payment, in the form of an OBU. This device is usually associated with a specific national toll domain that helps record the tolled drives and supports enforcement by national authorities. In the past, international trucks had to use a variety of OBU devices in a single trip. The EETS scheme enables a single OBU to be used across different countries - with one contract, one device and one invoice.


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