Eurowag’s focus is to make customers’ lives easier, more efficient, and more profitable, whether prior to the journey, on the road or post-delivery, as shown below.

Our product offering is built around:

  • Operational efficiency: managing working capital requirements; cost reporting; smart routing and removing the overall administrative burden for truckers.
  • Cost savings: cost control; fraud prevention; improved purchasing conditions; smart routing; enhancing driving style; and financing.
  • Convenience: cashless payments; automatic payments; optimum route suggestions; driver recommendations for best facilities, best supplies and provisions, and points of interest on route.
  • Safety and social: driver community; safe parking; driving assessment and education; driver social media for meetings; and traffic recommendations.

Case study

Our step-by-step approach to onboarding and building loyalty with our customers.
Meet Daniel. They’ve been operating a fleet of seven vehicles for seven years. Their business is based in Hungary and their contracts regularly take their fleet across six borders within the EU.


Daniel responded to one of our digital campaigns. Our local area sales manager, with detailed knowledge of the industry, followed up the lead and worked with Daniel to tailor an offer based upon the specific needs of their business.

Building a relationship

Over time, we were able to use data analytics to build a richer picture of Daniel’s transactional activity. During this period, we noticed significant international refuelling. This enabled us to propose both toll services and tax refund services to simplify their payments and improve their cash flow. Daniel took up our toll services as a second service, three months after becoming a customer. Tax refund services followed shortly after, and our services were quickly bringing lower energy costs, improved cash flow and greater convenience.
Our sales team has a deep understanding of carriers’ needs and tailor the products in the best possible bundle to target these needs.

Becoming a trusted partner

Daniel has a more efficient business with Eurowag as a partner. Regular sales team contact, combined with the digital apps Daniel is now using, such as the RoadLords app, allow multiple opportunities to both support, up-sell and cross-sell further services to Daniel as our relationship evolves. Daniel will be able to benefit from further efficiencies from route planning, financing, alternative fuels and insurance.