We aim to provide our customers a seamless offering across payments, financing, mobility solution, and load and dispatch. We have an embedded methodical approach to ESG and reflect our values in everything we do.

Growing in a sustainable manner is at the heart of our values, and we aim to create sustainable financial and technological solutions for the benefit of the CRT industry, society and the environment. Our strategy places a strong emphasis on operating responsibly, being a leader in the industry, and helping transformation of the industry and broader society.

Our five strategic pillars drive growth both organically and inorganically.

Investment case

Growth from existing customers

We focus on retaining and expanding our existing customer relationships, and this is reflected in our high NPS scores and the longevity of the relationships. Our proven ability to cross-sell and up-sell has created an attractive average net revenue retention rate of over 110%.

This growth is underpinned by the expansion of our European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) capabilities, and by retaining customers on our platform through further automating processes and improving user experience.

Geographic expansion and market penetration

We acquire new customers through a marketing strategy based on geographic clusters that uses three primary sales channels (direct, indirect, and digital) to enable a decentralised sales organisation for our products.

We plan to further expand our extensive European payment network and increase our market share within existing markets, as well as expand into new regions in Europe. Increased geographical penetration will enable us to better provide full coverage to customers.

Go-to-market channel expansion

We acquire new customers through a marketing strategy based on geographic clusters and three sales channels - digital, telesales, and field - with an increasing focus on digital sales.

Digital platform development

We are developing our end-to-end digital platform, as we aim to be a conduit for intermediating payments and data exchange between shippers, carriers, merchants, and other partners. This will allow us to serve our existing customers better and expand our client base.

Accretive M&A

We have a proven record of acquisitions and a history of successful integration. We see acquisitions as a helpful tool for building our end-to-end digital platform and bringing the next phase of efficient revenue and profit growth.

Our key considerations for evaluating acquisition opportunities include:

  • enlarging our total addressable market through new geographic regions;
  • broadening our total addressable market through adjacent products and services;
  • strengthening our market position in existing markets;
  • accelerating the pace of our strategy by acquiring the necessary technologies for an integrated end-to-end digital platform; and
  • increasing customer lifetime value and retention.

Our mergers and acquisitions team constantly monitors the market with the aim of making acquisitions consistent with our strategy and financial discipline. When evaluating an acquisition opportunity, we always consider its potential impact on our goals for sustainability and an inclusive culture.