We aim to provide our customers a seamless offering across payments, financing, mobility solutions, and load and dispatch. We have an embedded methodical approach to ESG and reflect our values in everything we do.

Growing in a sustainable manner is at the heart of our values, and we aim to help the CRT industry to become clean, fair, and efficient. Our strategy places a strong emphasis on operating responsibly, being a leader in the industry, and helping transformation of the industry and broader society.

Our strategic pillars drive growth both organically and inorganically.

Following the significant progress we have made in both expanding our geographical footprint and our range of services in recent years, we are now entering a new phase in our journey. Our updated strategic framework enables enhanced focus on key strategic priorities in order to achieve our goal of delivering an integrated, end-to-end digital platform.

Investment case

Be in every truck (attract)

This pillar strenghtens our previous "Go to market channel expansion" and "Geographic expansion and market penetration" pillars.

We will continue to focus on expanding our presence and increasing market share through our sales channels. Our direct sales force will continue to forge strong relationships with customers, and we will also explore new partnerships for indirect sales.

Drive customer-centricity (engage)

This pillar emphasises our focus on integrated end-to-end digital customer-centric solutions, where the customer will not only benefit from a unified user experience, but also from integrated services. 

We will be able to further streamline internal processes and workflow efficiencies.

Grow core services (monetise)

This pillar combines the focus of "Growth from existing customers" and "Geographic expansion and penetration", as we continue to focus on cross-selling our products and services, increase our presence and expand to new geographies, with a focus on cleaner, low-carbon services.

Expand platform capability (retain)

This pillar will complement our "Digital platform development" ambition. We will utilise scale to cover the full needs of a transport business and provide customers with uniquely tailored propositions, through the use of data and AI.