October 11, 2023


Capital Markets Day 2023

Eurowag hosted its first Capital Markets Day on 11 October 2023.

The presentations included an update on the Group’s strategic ambitions, aligning to the strategic pillars announced at the end of 2022:

  • Attract – Our ambition is to build a customer-centric omnichannel, shifting towards our indirect and digital sales channels, increasing the number of customers onboarded digitally to over 50%, driving acquisitions down to less than €300, and allowing us to reach 1 million active trucks over time; 
  • Engage – Our ambition is to help customers improve their annual revenue per truck by up to 20%, while reducing their costs by up to 10% and reducing their annual CO2 emissions by up to 20 tonnes per truck;
  • Monetise – Our ambition is increase the number of products per customer to more than six, combining software, payments and financing, resulting in more than 40% of customer-issued invoices being financed via Eurowag; and
  • Retain – Our ambition is that over 60% of revenue contribution should come from subscription payments, and 20% from financing revenues.

Detailed summaries of the Group’s sales strategy and product offering were also presented, with a clear roadmap towards delivering the Group’s previously announced integrated end-to-end digital platform. 

In-line with the Group’s evolving business model, the Group will start reporting against a new set of KPIs, from 2024:

  • Total number of active trucks;
  • Customer NPS;
  • Number of products per active truck;
  • % of subscription revenue; and
  • Total R&D costs as a % of net revenue.

The presentations were made by Martin Vohanka, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Oskar Zahn, Chief Financial Officer, Martin Strigac, Chief Product Officer and Miroslav Novak, Country Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

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