September 22, 2022


Eurowag to refinance existing debt

This announcement contains inside information for the purposes of article 7 of EU regulation 596/2014 (which forms part of domestic UK law pursuant to the European Union (Withdrawal) act 2018).

W.A.G payment solutions plc ("Eurowag" or the "Group"), a leading pan-European integrated payments & mobility platform focused on the commercial road transportation ("CRT") industry, is pleased to announce today that it has signed a Multicurrency Term and Revolving Facilities Agreement to refinance and expand the Group's existing credit facilities (the "Transaction"). Recognizing the resilient growth and strong financial results Eurowag has consistently delivered, the Transaction secures favourable terms on a strengthened debt package, extends maturities for all facilities, and expands the Group's club of financing banks.

The new Multicurrency Term and Revolving Facilities Agreement consists of four tranches:

  1. €150m committed Facility A for the refinancing of all existing term loan indebtedness;
  2. €180m committed Facility B for permitted acquisitions and capital expenditure;
  3. €235m committed Revolving Credit Facility, of which €85m may be utilised by way of revolving loans, and €150m may be utilised by way of ancillary facilities in the form of bank guarantees, letters of credit, or an overdraft up to €25m; and
  4. €150m uncommitted Incremental Facility for permitted acquisitions, capital expenditure, and revolving credit facilities up to €50m of which not more than €25m can be utilised as revolving loans.

The Transaction provides more flexibility with respect to certain financial covenants, security packages and other provisions than the Group's existing credit facilities.

The new maturity date for all term loan facilities and for the revolving credit facility will be 30 September 2027. Facility A will amortize in quarterly repayments starting on 31 March 2023, with €45m balloon. Facility B will amortize in quarterly repayments starting on the later of the date falling three months from the end of the 24-month availability period, or the end of the first financial quarter after the full utilization of the facility, with €54m balloon. Eurowag expects to complete the refinancing within three months from signing.

Magdalena Bartoś, Chief Financial Officer of Eurowag, commented:

"Maintaining capital discipline while pursuing strategic growth opportunities is a key priority for Eurowag. This refinancing gives us the scope and financial flexibility to deliver our growth strategy while retaining a strong balance sheet, and also optimises our capital structure and liquidity position. The possibility to add an ESG component highlights our commitment to sustainability. I would like to thank our existing and new banks for their support."

Komerční banka a.s. acts as agent and security agent. Komerční banka, a.s. and Česká spořitelna, a.s. acted as coordinators, bookrunners and mandated lead arrangers. Československá obchodní banka, a. s., Česká exportní banka, a. s., UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., Citibank Europe plc, BNP Paribas S.A., Raiffeisenbank a.s. and PKO Bank Polski SA acted as mandated lead arrangers.

Eurowag has appointed Komerční banka, a.s. to act as ESG coordinator, and expects to link pricing of the new credit facilities to the Group's ESG Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs") post-closing, supporting its sustainability strategy.


Tomáš Novotný
Head of Investor Relations

Instinctif Partners
Tim McCall, Galyna Kulachek, Bryn Woodward
IR and international media

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